Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and be someone else, but you do not need to buy expensive costumes to complete your transformation. With the use of some Halloween makeup and other materials like liquid latex and fake blood, you can create some scary looks for your Halloween party.

  1. Slit Throat

Dressing up as a victim of an old-school slasher movie is quite easy to recreate. All you need is to layer liquid latex and some tissue onto your neck before covering it up with the right shade of foundation. Make a slit in the latex using scissors (do not cut the skin!) and with some fake blood, red makeup, and blush, you can fill the slit up for some gore.

  1. Chelsea Smile

If you believe that bloodier is always better. With the right special effects kit, you have everything you need to create this look. First, the liquid latex goes where the smile should be before using ripped apart tissue and more latex to make the skin look like it has really been torn out. Blend a shade of skin tone foundation along the outline and make it set using powder. Use scissors to cut a tear in the fact, using a makeup brush between your skin and the latex to prevent cutting yourself. Lastly, paint the wound red and add as much fake blood as you like.

  1. The Nun

One of the recent popular scary movies to hit the screens is the Nun, and if you want to scare some guests at your Halloween party, you can choose this look. While it may be a bit more complicated, it is still not impossible to do it yourself. First, you need alimorph plastic to recreate the teeth and gums of the scary nun (please do not do this if you have orthodontic braces), though you can also look for a set at the costume shop to make it easier for you.

Then, you need to glue down the brows with glue stick before painting them white. Line your eyes with thick eyeliner. Contour the forehead, cheeks, and nose in black and complete the look with black lipstick. Finish it with a coat of black hairspray.

  1. Horror Smiley

This is another terrifying look that will surely send shivers down other people’s spine. First, cover your hair with a skullcap. You need to plaster your face with tissue and liquid latex (this look is definitely not the most comfortable, unfortunately). After it dries, use skin-colored makeup to cover it all up, then paint black slits around the eyes. Use scissors to cut out a “mouth“ and paint it black as well. Blend these contrasting tones by using some red makeup and draw some stitches with black paint. Lastly, spray fake blood wherever you like.

  1. Hacked Hand

If you are wary of putting Halloween makeup on your face, then you can do it with your hand. Use spirit gums and cotton balls to create the illusion of open skin and exposed bones (using some Q-tips), then use a lot of red face paint to make it look bloody and real.

  1. Mouth Sewn Shut

This makeup only works if you are not planning to eat or drink during Halloween, because, well, while your mouth is not truly sewn shut, it will be covered up. Use a combination of tissue, cotton wool, and liquid latex to cover the lower half of your face. Keep layering until it is as thick as you want it to be. Apply flesh-colored foundation on top and blend some blush on the top of the mouth to make it look bruised. Cut the line of the mouth using a pair of scissors, before painting the area under with some black and red special effects makeup.

Color the flaps of the “skin“ with red before rubbing some fake blood to make it look more horrifying. Lastly, make some holes in the latex before sewing the mouth shut with some thread.

Tips For Halloween Makeup

You can easily research a lot of scary looks for Halloween online, plus order the necessary materials. It is much better to buy special effects makeup kits as they look more convincing and can deliver the exact look you want for this scary holiday.