Dentist in Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas is a wonderful place to visit. It’s the perfect getaway to unwind, celebrate an anniversary, attend an event, party, enjoy and have fun. The experience will never be complete without trying new cuisines, exploring casino hubs, watching dancing fountains and all-night partying. Vegas is undoubtedly the best place for world-class entertainment. You can absolutely say there is no dull moment in this city of lights and sound.

When we go on a vacation we are all enticed to try new food. It’s always fun to try something new. Sometimes some of us would get a little carried away during parties. There’s a popular saying that goes “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” The movie “The Hangover” is the perfect example.

The movie was about four men who go to Las Vegas for a stag party. There was a scene where Stu woke up and couldn’t remember why his tooth was missing, which is rare. But there are unforeseen circumstances that might happen when one indulges in too much of the Las Vegas party experience.

Toothaches are the worst, especially when you are out of town for business. They cause so much discomfort to the entire body. You’ll never know when it’s going to happen. There are other scenarios like chipping off a tooth after biting on something hard, or you accidentally bumped into a door or wall.

Whatever the case may be, if you need emergency dental assistance when you are in Las Vegas or in a different city or country, don’t wait until you get home to see your dentist. Don’t let your toothache ruin your vacation or business plans. Imagine going on a 3-day convention with a painful tooth distracting you the whole day. Not only will it affect your performance, but will reflect on your job as well.

For businessmen who frequently visit conventions, it would feel reassuring that your dental worries can be well taken care of even when you are away from home. It’s a good thing the Las Vegas Dental Group has a team of professional staff that can attend to your dental emergency needs. They are open from Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Fridays at 7:30 AM to 12 noon and closed on weekends.

Since 1973, the group continues to strive to provide their patients with only the best and complete dental care. They have more than 407 patient reviews on their website that shows how the staff personally attend to their patient’s needs. They are known for great customer service and for being up to date with the latest dental techniques.

Las Vegas Dental Group offers only the best dental services, such as cosmetic dentistry particularly invisalign, veneers & teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, endodontics particularly root canals, general & family dentistry / pediatric dentistry, prophylaxis, tooth extraction, laser gum surgery, oral cancer screening & surgery, orthodontics, deep cleaning and scaling, periodontics, prosthodontics, sleep apnea treatments and wisdom teeth extractions.

The Las Vegas Dental Group friendly resident professionals are as follows; Nicholas A. Maffeo, DMD, David G Stibor, DDS, BS, FICOI, Carol Marrandino, D.D.S, Mark H. Minguey, D.D.S., Kathleen Uy, DMD, Danielle Maffeo, BSDH, RDH, Julia Cho, BSDH, RDH, Svetlana Screnchuk, RDH and Dean Jewell, RDH.

You can schedule an appointment online through email or their website. You can choose to call them as well through their phone number 702-870-5165. They also accept any form of payment, cash, credit card and insurance and provide expert dental treatment for reasonable prices. Insurance is handy when you are in Las Vegas for vacation and you need to see a dentist. It can save you from spending your pocket money.

What sets the group apart from other dental care practitioners in Las Vegas is that they have been serving the community for over 40 years. They cater to patients of all ages and have brought smiles to thousands of their valued patients. They offer free consultations and take their time with each patient to fully educate them about their oral health and recommend checkups and cleanings necessary to achieve optimal oral health.