How Chiropractic Adjustments Offer Pain Relief for Shoulder and Neck Pain

Have you ever experience intolerable pain on your shoulders or your neck? The shoulder pain could be the heavy feeling as if a heavy weight is on your shoulders. The neck pain could simply be a stiff neck. Either way, these kinds of pain should not be taken for granted because they will hinder how you move and perform the whole day.

One way of treating these kinds of pain is through chiropractic adjustment. If it’s your first time to hear this, you would immediately think that it’s some kind of therapy. You’re right about that. In fact, chiropractic adjustment is done by a chiropractor who is someone that does movement manipulation to offer shoulder and neck pain relief. They are not limited to these body parts, too. They can also do muscle movement and adjustment on your limbs and back.

So how exactly does chiropractic adjustment relieve pain? First of all, it involves repeated movement on the painful body part so that the pain lessens or that it continues to have a full range of motion. For your shoulders, your arms will be moved in, say, circular motion, so that the shoulder joint will release the nerve of the pressure it is in. Secondly, chiropractic adjustment releases the air that is trapped in your body. This part is somewhat hard to believe because not everyone knows that your body parts could contain nitrogen that affects its movement. Either way, the goal of your chiropractor is to release this nitrogen stuck in the painful area so that pressure is lessened.

The pain you feel on your shoulder has different types. The first kind of pain you feel is caused by poor posture. This is obvious because as you slouch, the alignment of your body tends to move forward and somewhat curl towards your chest. The treatment for this is by using a speeder board to return the alignment of your body. However, this treatment only relieves the pain temporarily.

The best way to relieve your shoulders of the pain due to poor posture is by fixing your posture in the first place. You can actually ask your chiropractor for help regarding that. The second kind of pain involves the nerves. You would feel a tingling sensation or terrible pain whenever you move your shoulder in a certain way. The cause would be a nerve being pinched or stuck in the wrong place. To heal this, your chiropractor would use spinal cord adjustments that will affect the nerves on your shoulders. Another kind of shoulder pain comes from old age or overuse. Simply put, your shoulders were just overused and so they need spinal adjustment or muscle stimulation to return it to proper functioning.

On the other hand, neck pain is quieter when it comes to pain. This is because some people consider neck cracking as something that is normal. Neck cracking is when you tilt your head to one side and you hear a cracking sound on your neck usually at the base. But if you are experiencing this, it is already a sign that you need to see a chiropractor.

There are techniques that your chiropractor will apply to reduce the neck pain you get after playing an outdoor pool table game. One is a drop technique. This involves you lying face down or at your side and your chiropractor would suddenly apply pressure on the affected part and thrust it either forward, backward, or upward. This helps you regain the full range of motion for your neck. Another technique is the cervical manual traction. As opposed to the other technique, you would be lying face up this time. It’s called as such because your chiropractor will simply move your neck upward (or away from your shoulders) to stretch the spine. He will also try to stretch your neck in different directions to look for the best angle that will relieve the pain.

In summary, chiropractic adjustment could be similar to physical therapy. In some ways, the exercises they do seem to be the same. However, the difference is that for the former, it focuses on the spine and the nerves connecting it to relieve pain. You would notice this in the adjustments chiropractors make because even if the pain is concentrated on your shoulders, they would also do adjustments on your spine.